Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Noordam 2013 - Day 13: Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

This morning we enjoyed our nice hot showers. Great to be able to, after the malfunction of the past days. We even had a visit from the plumber to check if everything was all right now.

The Cagliari port had arranged for a free bus to take the passengers to the city. Just a short bus ride later we were very close to the center of the town. We were immediately impressed by this great port. The city is built on a hill so we prepared for some climbing. If you want to avoid that, a taxi to the highest point may be a good idea. So we walked uphill. First we passed the old Ospedale (hospital) with a nice church close by. 

Ospedale, Cagliari

Further up we passed the walls of the Orto Bortanico (botanical gardens). Unfortunately the walls were the only thing we could see. That changed when we came up to the old Amfiteatro. Built in 80 AD it is still in use.

Amfiteatro, Cagliari

Just a little higher up was the Via Belvedere. Belvedere means ‘great view’ and indeed, we had a view overlooking the whole valley behind the city of Cagliari.

View of Noordam from uptown Cagliari

Around the corner we entered the old city walls of Cagliari. Wow, nice town! Small streets, high houses, squares and churches like Cattedrale di Cagliari.

Cattedrale di Cagliari

Old town Cagliari

Old town Cagliari

We ended our walking tour at the Bastione di Saint Remy. Again great views here.

View from Bastione di Saint Remy

Arch at Bastione di Saint Remy

Bastione di Saint Remy

From the Bastione di Saint Remy we walked down to the port and took the bus to the ship. We were in time for our favorite: the Asian buffet. A few hours later we enjoyed high tea.

For the first time this cruise the captain gave permission to open the bow so we could see the sailing away from there. We wished it was possible every day. Really a great place to see the city getting smaller and smaller. Just thinking back about all the beautiful things you have seen there.

Noordam bell

Sailing away from Cagliari

Rhodé has discovered Techspert Time. Techspert Krista teaches computer courses, but from time to time the classroom is open to work on your own projects. We use this for backing up our memory cards on an USB stick, just to reduce the chances of losing our photo’s. Rhodé uses the brand new Windows 8 computers to play games like cut-the-rope.

After dinner we went to photographer Shannon to get some nice pictures again. We had a guest performer Patrick McMahon, who was great at imitating other artists. Of course we went to the Piano Bar afterwards. Piano man Stryker convinced yesterday’s performer Hayden Smith to do a couple of songs together. That was a great surprise! Stryker had it filmed to be put on his Facebook page. We will follow him on Facebook and on Youtube.

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