Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Noordam 2013 - Day 10: Monte Carlo, Monaco (actually NONte Carlo = Sea day)

We set our alarm clocks at 7 am. We had a lot of plans while the ship is docked in Monte Carlo, Monaco: Going up to the town of Eze, see the old town Monaco Ville and check out Monte Carlo. When we opened the curtains we saw the city of Monte Carlo. For a short while...

Soon clouds came in and Monte Carlo went dark. We could barely see the casino and the grand prix circuit. The city totally disappeared when huge showers started. We were only 200 meters from the city, but we could not see anything.

Dark clouds over Monte Carlo

Day turned into night at Monte Carlo

The captain decided to leave Monaco. A pontoon in the harbor had already been turned by the storm. We could easily break our mooring lines and drift away, destroying the expensive yachts in port.

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Port

Leaving Monte Carlo

Leaving Monte Carlo

We were not the only ship leaving. The Ibero ship that we saw in Marseille yesterday was also leaving (probably from the port of Villefranche) and in the far distance we saw another ship sailing back to sea. We understand (and appreciate) the choice for safety, but… boohoo… we were really looking forward to Monaco.

Monte Carlo panorama

The captain has tried to get to another port, but no port could take us safely. So the staff went to work and prepared a new schedule of activities for an extra sea day.

The new schedule didn’t arrive until early in the afternoon. Meanwhile we discovered that our shower had only cold water. The wind got up to wind-force 8. The ship was rocking a lot. This was the first time that we saw the same bags you get in an airplane. They were in a rack between the elevators. Apparently we were not the only ones who felt their stomachs a bit.

This was turning out to be a really bad day... Perhaps not a good time to talk to the future cruise consultant, but we did that anyway. He told us his wife was supposed to get on the ship in Monte Carlo. They hope to see eachother in Livorno tomorrow. Well, maybe we can get to Monte Carlo next year and hope they don't have to substitute it with an unplanned sea day.

However failed the day was (hate to say it, sorry HAL), we loved the evening. We had one of our best dinners yet, again in the main dining room. Photographer Shannon took some great pictures of us at the informal photo studio. Also, the problems with mooring at Monte Carlo did have an advantage. Comedian Derrick Cameron and magician Brett Sherwood were supposed to disembark in Monte Carlo, but couldn’t get off the ship. The cruise director Shane asked them to perform once again, and they did. Wow, great show. We dare to say that they saved the day, so all is well that ends well...

After singing-along in the Piano Bar we picked up a DVD and watched Princes and the Frog with Rhodé. Tomorrow we hope to have a nice day in Livorno.

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