Friday, September 6, 2013

Noordam 2013 - Day 6: Sail away from Barcelona

We slept until 8 am. We were doubting if we were to go ashore to Barcelona one more time. We decided not to. The kids would rather hang out with their new friends. It was of course not very crowded around the pool as a lot of people were in the city. We left the ship only to shop in the cruise terminal. We bought a hat for Rhodé. She is a redhead and she sunburns easily. From the cruise terminal we saw two other ships in port: the very familiar Nieuw Amsterdam and the Disney Magic.

Disney Magic
The rest of the morning and early afternoon we just wandered around the ship. We noticed one little change compared to 2 years ago: at the Observation Deck they added some staterooms, just behind the Crow’s Nest. In a way it was a relaxed day, but after the intensive days of sightseeing in Barcelona it was also kind off boring at times.

At 3 pm it was time for the mandatory muster drill. Some guests (like the ones in the stateroom next to us) didn’t ‘show up for the drill. We later found out that they had to catch up in a special drill. Fortunately this did not keep us from sailing away at 4 pm. Time to turn the cell phones off. Blackberries will be roaming. Using the ships satellite connection for data is quite expensive.

We enjoyed the sailing from Barcelona from our balcony. Barcelona has a large industrial port, so we could watch the activity on the large container ships. We said goodbye to the city, to Montjuic with the Castell on top and with a lot of great memories.

A comedian performs in tonight’s show: Derrick Cameron. He was so funny, we went back to see his second performance. We had expected to get the exact same jokes again, but much to our surprise almost half of the second performance was different. Great laughs.

Rhodé was in Club HAL again. They were doing games on the basketball court when it was time to go to the karaoke. We saw Kim and her friends at the Queens Lounge. Rhodé had enlisted to perform ‘Rolling in the deep’ from Adele. Quite some courage for a 9-year old whose native language is Dutch. Kim and her friends Nica and Rachel joined in and together they rocked. Afterwards Kim, Nica and Rachel sang 'Move like Jagger', and Rhodé helped them with that song. Really great to see the kids have fun.

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