Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nieuw Amsterdam 2012 - Kusadasi, Turkey

Today we docked in Kusadasi, Turkey. Our first stop on the Asian continent on this cruise. Most guests left the ship early to see the excavations at Ephesus. So did we, last year on ms Noordam. This year we stayed in Kusadasi.

Nieuw Amsterdam at Kusadasi.

Around 11 a.m., we walked to the Karavanserai. This was a medieval resting place for travelers. Now it's a hotel, but still a very nice historic building.

Through the streets we walked up to Pigeon Island (Güvercinada). That is a very cute island and quite close to the port. Located on the island is an ancient Byzantine fortress where sailors used to store their belongings to protect these against pirates while they were at sea.

Pigeon Island.

Byzantine fortress on Pigeon Island.

Joost, Kim and Rhodé on Pigeon Island.

Since this is our last day in Turkey, we spent our last Turkish Lira on a terrace in port. The bar offered free Wi-Fi, so a nice chance to send some pictures home. The afternoon we just hung around the ship. Some sun tanning on our balcony, trivia in the Crows Nest and a nice cocktail at happy hour. We had our dinner in the Manhattan dining room, a lovely leg of lamb. After dinner we gathered the kids and decided to take some casual photo’s. They turned out really nice.

Tonight’s show was a musical production: Garageband. All of the dancers and singers performed in this great show. Afterwards in the Queens Lounge, Cruise Director Dan hosted Deal or No Deal. He’s a great Cruise Director, always lots of fun.

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